The Bacheloregg

Emotes and design for my personal twitch account.

Let's Talk: Pronouns

Lets talk: PRONOUNS is a zine with information and resources about using pronouns. 

It takes the resources from Rainbow Youth and puts it into a easy to read and colourful visual piece. 

Pronouns are an important part to anyones identity, so it is important we make sure that we are able to understand and be there for the people around us. 


The Rising Sun and THe Boiling Pot

 ライジング サンボイリング ポット

A book about cultural displacement and me.
Hand bound, hand painted, manually typed, gold origami crane insert, read back to front. 

'I will piece myself together, the way the Japanese use Kintsugi to piece together broken pottery. Gold will fill my scars, the missing parts to me celebrating and embracing the person I have become.'



A zine about what home means to Karin.

"Home to me took a while to define.
Home is a place where I can be my loudest, energetic and confident queer self.
Home is where the music is.
Home is a place where I am surrounded by people I love.
Home is where I am with my partner, my five other flat-mates and my rats.
Home is Dominion Road."

Asset catalogue

A collection of type faces, illustrations, photographs and motifs.

In Peril

The climate change impacts we are now beginning to experience are likely to worsen, and will have major long-term effects on how we live. We must take action to reduce and mitigate these threats and minimise the impacts on Auckland’s people and cultural heritage.