Bruce Pulman Park App

Bruce Pulman Park is based in Auckland and offers a wide range of free space and activities for all ages to enjoy. They feature a gymnasium, an indoor sporting arena, multiple outdoor playing fields, a recreation centre, different holiday programmes for different age ranges, and more. They’re hoping that an age-friendly app will help them to engage with the younger people in the community and invite them to take part in all of the fun that they can bring these  school holidays, especially during Summertime. 

The target audience that we want to focus our app on is school kids who enjoy playing sports, participating in fun activities, and being outdoors in general. They are aged 11-17 and spend a lot of their spare time either on their phone or having fun with friends outside, during school and after it ends. They use their phone for daily alarms, reminders, timers/stopwatch, and other practical uses as well as social media and games. Because they are students and more specifically, kids, they don’t have much of an income, if any at all.